Titleist U500 Iron

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  1. Anyone put one of these in the bag yet?

    Have had a go with one on the driving range and was mightily impressed... Strange as I had a dabble on Titleist day and was not convinced....

    What's your feedback?? JT

  2. Chris T

    Chris T

    Tried it a TT regional event and loved it!!! Can’t wait to get fitted, it seemed to fly forever!!!
  3. Thanks Chris... Was it just the distance?
    Thought the feel of the 500 was so much more apparent and appealing than the 510.
    Where will it go in your bag?
    Will it replace something or fill a gap?
  4. Chris T

    Chris T

    I’m thinking it will sit between my 4 iron (which is slightly strong) and my hybrid.

    Primary use will be off the tee as I’ve missed too many fairways this year and made the game difficult.

    Controversial but I carry 4 wedges, which I think I will drop one of to make way for it.

    I don’t like the look of the U510, the large sole is unappealing to my eye, so didn’t hit to compare.

    As for yardage, I’ve got another trip to St Ives planned so will be able to post more numbers.
  5. I love my new U510 so I am sure the U500 will delight too
  6. MattW

    Thetford, 0

    After trying the U500 3 iron at the TT regional event on Monday, I really want to try the 2 iron.

    Just need to find somewhere that has it!
  7. I have a 4 iron strengthened to 22* and love it. I never used to play a 4 iron as I never had much success but this club has changed that for me. Nice high flight and goes for miles. Love it
  8. blair


    I got fitted last week and have ordered a 3 iron and a 4 iron a degree weak to gap better
  9. Blair,
    If I remember correctly, you went for new irons at the beginning of the season???
    What's your bag set-up once you put these beauties into play?
  10. Aaron


    Just ordered myself a u510 2 iron. Looking forward to hitting some stinger fairway finders :-)

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