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By Carl F

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  1. Carl F

    Carl F

    Has any golf clubs in tier 1 throughout the U.K. decided that removal of pins is allowed, also allowing the use of rakes?.


  2. Carl,
    Ours hasn't been Tier 1 throughout, but our pins are firmly still in the holes and the bunkers are still only raked (daily) by the ground staff. No rumours of any change in policy round these parts.

    While we're on the subject (well, nearly), I reckon rounds have been quicker without the option to remove the pin.
    The little flipper that sends the ball out is great and there is no messing round with the flagstick.
    I wouldn't be unhappy if that idea became permanent.

  3. david s

    david s
    South Wales

    The golf clubs in Wales take guidance from the Wales Golf on Covid restrictions, they in turn discuss the situation with the Welsh Government.
    As I understand it, its not a decision of the clubs to decide whether its safe to remove pins and use bunker rakes depending on their Covid Tier status but governed by the Country's golf union, its probably the same in rest of the UK?
  4. Carl F

    Carl F

    I know there hasn’t been anything official from R&A or Scottish golf just wondered as a nearby club has allowed pins to be removed.

    It’s a day out “manyana” I was playing behind a group he lost 5 balls in his round I don’t think keeping pins in made a whole lotta difference to him or to us

  5. Christopher W

    Christopher W
    Oxford, UK

    The advise from Golf England has been to leave pins in but I believe it's only advice. It sounds like pretty much every club is accepting the advice and putting measures in place to support it, but I don't think there's anything to stop a club going against the advice as long as there are appropriate precautions / considerations in place e.g. sanitizer on each green or tee, only one person per group touches the pin.
    We had a mini tour (Jamega) event at out place this week and they had rakes in bunkers and pins out for that event but we've reverted back to pins in and no rakes for members. Bit of a shame if you ask me, the current arrangement doesn't massively bother me but I would like to have a choice on pins and I'm pretty fed up with the bunker situation.

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