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By Matt S, Team Titleist UK

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  1. SOLD OUT!! 

    All spots have now been filled for this event. We look forward to seeing those who have booked their place on the 29th of July! 

    The 2022 Team Titleist Invitational will be held at the 2014 Ryder Cup venue, Gleneagles!

    Join us on the 29th of July for a round of golf on the world famous PGA Centenary course, unique Titleist experiences, lunch and dinner, and of course an exclusive Team Titleist goodie bag!

    Interested? Places are limited. Obtain your spot now using the link below!

    Rate: £100 per participant

    We hope to see you there.

    **We expect this Team Titleist Invitational to sell out fast. Space is available on a first come first serve basis. Maximum of two guests per reservation.**

    Post Image

  2. Ian K

    Ian K
    Essex, United Kingdom


    Leave for holiday later that night and can not get back to Essex in time. was Hoping for a southern event and race home and straight away

    Going to be an amazing day for all that attend.

    Fingers crossed for a another one soon.

  3. Simon Worsfold

    Simon Worsfold

    Afternoon all. What a fantastic opportunity for some!

    Just some help. Anyone that is planning to go and may need help with trains please reach out. I work for LNER and we stop at Gleneagles but only once a day so you may need to travel the day before and travel back the next day.

    Happy to help out with discount train tickets.

    ( May cost you a sleeve of balls tho ? )

    Happy golfing all.
  5. Just booked.
  6. Booked
  7. Hi Matt / Will

    Me and friend have booked you separately can you please pair us up, his name is John Coughlan

  8. Returning to the land of my and golfs birth. Super excited.

    For the goodie bag
    Shoe size 12W
    Shirt size XL
    Trousers 38L
    Glove size L/XL
    Hat size XXL

  9. Aaron


    never played Gleneagles this will be an awesome day :) see you there TT
  10. James Harris

    James Harris
    Brentwood, Essex

    Sounds like a great day. Will have just started a new job at that time so cannot afford the time out of the office. Based on the days I have been to before, I am sure everyone will enjoy it.
  11. Simon Whittaker

    Simon Whittaker

    Yes, Yes, Yes I’ve been waiting for one of these events and Glen Eagles another Ryder Cup coarse tick box!! See you there my fellow TT friends!
  12. Matthew A

    Matthew A

    There’s a few of us have just booked on!
    Sunderland takeover everywhere we go
  13. If a group of you have signed up and want to play together, please could you send an email in to the Team Titleist inbox so we can potentially group you together.

  14. Thanks Will, can you advise the email address to use for group pairings.


  15. Wow Guys this is going to be phenomenal! Cannot wait for my forst TT day.

    Will is there any deals for staying at Gleneagles? Hoping to bring my wife so we can stay overnight Thirsday and Friday night.

    Cannot wait! Gleneagles has been firmly on the bucket list!
  16. Afternoon

    Unfortunately I could not negotiate any deals for the hotel this time.

    I look forward to seeing you up there.

  17. Thanks Will, no worries! Its going to be amazing!
  18. James H

    James H

    I had to check I could get the day off work but sadly sold out already

    Have a great day anyone
  19. James H

    James H


    If any space comes available I would definitely take the spot. Please let me know if anyone can’t make it
  20. RWarfield

    Wellington, Somerset

    Looking forward to my first TT event!

  21. RWarfield

    Wellington, Somerset

    Looking forward to my first TT event!

  22. Matthew A

    Matthew A

    Hi, I’ve booked a two person reservation and a third mate has booked on, will it be possible for the 3 of us to be on the same round please?
  23. No problem, we are sending an email out over the next week to confirm details. If you want to make sure you drop a line in there, then we try and get it sorted.

  24. David P

    David P

    Hi Will, could you please keep me posted on future TT events?
    Thank you
  25. Trevor P

    Trevor P
    Brentwood, Essex

    Does anyone know how many spaces were available ?
  26. Hi Trevor,

    There were 36 places available for this event.

  27. Trevor P

    Trevor P
    Brentwood, Essex

    Thanks Matt

    Looking forward to receiving the email. I booked 2 spaces under my name, this wasn't a mistake my friend will be attending also, obviously also a Titleist player.

    But we are now turning into a tour, as we are playing Silloth on Solway on Thursday and Gullane on Saturday. 2 great courses if the weather is good.

    Is there anyone else looking to play additional rounds
  28. Tom  C

    Tom C
    Romford, 0

    Are you driving up Trevor?

    I'm traveling from Gidea Park, flying up Thursday.
  29. Trevor P

    Trevor P
    Brentwood, Essex

    yes Tom we are driving up, thought we would travel up Wednesday evening and Play Thursday, Friday and on the way back on Saturday I cant wait
  30. Simon Whittaker

    Simon Whittaker

    Hi Matt, Will,
    I’ve just filled out the information you requested for TT event, on the handicap question should we now be giving Index or home coarse playing handicap?
    Only my playing handicap will be different from coarse to coarse on the new WHS.
    Ie playing handicap at home coarse is 5, but at Gleneagles it might be 6 (hopefully more). My index is currently 4.0 which I’m sure will change by the time we get to the event and what I put on the form.
    Thank you
  31. Good afternoon,

    Your index will be fine, thank you.

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