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By Quinn J

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  1. Does anyone know a good club re-grooving service for vokeys ?

  2. Rob_Roth1

    San Diego, CA

    There are so many good deals on Vokey's why not buy a new one?
  3. rymail00

    plattsburgh, NY

    Rob_Roth1 said:

    There are so many good deals on Vokey's why not buy a new one?

    Again +1 to Rob's post.

    Compared to specialty wedges like Scratch TD wedges, or even over priced JDM wedges, the prices on a new Vokey, vs. regrooving and refinishing may not be worth it.

    But if you really did want to regroove I'd suggest The Iron Factory. If you check GolfWRX, or other forums I'm sure they'd popup more often than not. I've had them do some of my older Scratch wedges and they did a great job. But for basically $60-70 more you could just re-up with brand new Vokey's, and not be without wedges for 3-5 weeks. So I'd just say get new Vokey's.

  4. 19hole

    Woburn, MA

    I do not, however, if you actually do regroove your wedges they will no longer conform to the rules. They also will not have the same groove profile as they did when new.

    It is just easier to replace them with new Vokeys. You will get the best performance and quality while being within the rules.
  5. Sam K

    Sam K
    Upstate SC

    I can appreciate you wanting to prolong the life of your Vokey's. I continuously assess economic sense and my expenditure on golf; being that a few priorities are more significant in life. I have had really good luck with the product below. It is great for cleaning and sharpening grooves, without being so aggressive that it damages clubs. In my experience, after a season with sharpened/ re-sharpened wedges, it is time for me to buy new. Your preference may differ, but this works for me. Hope this helps in some way.
  6. No'l

    Palmdale, CA

    If you replace your wedges every two years, you'll always be playing with fresh groves. Play the new set on special days and keep the older for regular days and continue with the cycle.

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