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By david j

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  1. I have been playing with a Titleist Tour Forged 61* Steve Elkington wedge for a LONG time now.


    I realize that these grooves are not conforming for formal competition and will be unplayable even for handicap purposes in the near future. So far I just haven't found anything that plays as well. I hit it out of the fairway, rough, sand, open face, closed face... the club can do it all.

    My question is: What club on the market will play most similar to the ELK wedge?

    Thanks in advance.

    Post Image


    It looks like you have a full sole on your current wedge. I would try the sm6 k grind. Best to get fit and hit them prior to buying though. Good luck.

  3. David M

    David M
    Lexington, SC

    Those are great wedges. I still have the leather booklet that came with one of mine.

    Looks like either the L or the M grind. You can also order a TVD through Vokey with your specs. That's probably your best bet since it appears you keep your wedges for a while.
  4. Rob_Roth1

    San Diego, CA

    Send a tweet to ELK and see what he says LOL
  5. 19hole

    Woburn, MA

    David, the TVD is no longer available. They were taken out of the line-up over a year ago. They did have a few heads left back them but the supply and selection was very limited.
  6. I had the same wedge as well as the 54 DLIII. I think you might like the low bounce K grind through wedgeworks.

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