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By Luke W

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  1. So I have placed my order for the AP3 4-PW. I currently play a SM6 50-12, SM6 54-14 and a SM6 58-12. With my new iron set up I will now have a Gap of 7 degrees with the AP3 PW being 43 degrees. My question is if I have my SM6 50-12 bent to 48 is that going to be way to much bounce for a 48 degree wedge? Am I better off getting a 48-8 or having the 50 bent to 49?

    I may be overthinking this but any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.



    Luke, if you bend your 50.12 wedge 2 degrees strong, you will decrease the bounce to a 10 degree bounce. adversely if you bend a club 1 degree you will add 1 degree of bounce. 1:1 ratio either direction.
  3. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    In MHO you might be over-thinking this a tad. After you get the AP3s look at your 9-PW actual distance gap and your PW-50 gap and your 50-54 gap. Getting the 48 will then leave a 6 degree gap to the 54. We could suggest a host of possibilities (weaken the PW 1 degree, strengthen the 50 1 degree) but what matters is how to adjust based on what you see on course. The pros certainly don't empirically keep a 4 degree spread, so do what they do and get fit on course.
  4. That makes since I really appreciate the response.
  5. How accurate and consistent are you with your wedges? maybe you should go for a fitting and see what the gap is between your new PW and your 50 deg wedge. Vokey recommend a gap of between 4 and 6 deg. I suppose it comes down to how well you hit your 50 wedge, if it's really nice then why change. If you are further out for your 50 wedge just ease back on your PW. If you think your wedge isn't a good club anyway then maybe beeing fitted for a new wedge would be better. You then have a choice of bounce as well.
  6. I was in the same situation with my AP1s. Used to have Vokey 46,50,54,58. I had to make up my mind on the 46-50 to carry as per the 14 club rule. After playing the summer, I ditched the 50 as I can control my 46 alot better and I don't have to go full bore on it. I have a gap between my pw,43 then 46,54,58 now. I can play alot more variety shots with my 46 now as far as controlling ball flight, high,low,hard, soft,etc. I use my 54, and 58 mostly from 70 yards on in and around the greens. Just depends on your confidence on your wedge game. Dont worry too much about the gap difference, its just a suggestion. Good Luck on your new sticks!!

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