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By AWells

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    2 days ago I bought my first SM6 Vokey wedges (50.12 F, 54.10 S and a 60.10 S) to go with my soon to arrive AP2's. Well in the last 2 days I couldn't wait and off to the range i went. Now usually when you here a sales pitch or read about a product and how well it performs or how much it will improve your game etc, I take it with a grain of salt. But after being fitted last month at the regional fitting center by Kathy Stecyk here and following her recommendations for wedges, and reading the Titleist website as well as the Vokey website. Plus watching all the videos there as well, I simply have to say I am just stymied at the performance of these wedges!! In the last 2 days each wedge, all of which 95% of my swings (250+ balls) resulted in all my shot landing within a radius of 5 yards consistently!! without even trying!! even the 5% of bad shots (either fat or thin) were still straight, just way short. While these clubs were a pretty penny, I right now can not thank Titleist and Bob Vokey enough for ALL their hard work and research. These 3 wedges alone I know will improve my game immensely as I will be on the green and putting a lot more often than i have in the past. Thank You

    p.s. if you are reading this and don't own a set of Vokey wedges, and you want to improve your game, go get fit and buy them now and you will see!!!

  2. David

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    yea they are great wedges, not as forgiving as a cavity back style wedge but very accurate. I just bought a 60 and its a pinseeker, it doesnt balloon on a full swing like other 60's but you can definitely hit it high or really any other way you want to hit it.
  3. Rick D
    Weston, WI

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    Having been fitted to my last 3 sets of irons, I had never been fit for the wedges. A couple years ago went looking to put a gap wedge in the bag. Ended up with three new wedges, SM5's, 50.12F, 54.14F, 58.11K. For me, the biggest change has been in chipping. I don't hope to get close, I'm thinking of making them. With the different grinds and bounce, the biggest learning curve was sand play. Bottom line is a great set of wedges that have me firing at pins. They're getting a bit beat up now and I'll be looking at a new fitting next season.
  4. mj
    Coquitlam, BC

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    i was fitted few years ago with Kathy Stecyk for set of AP-2, she is very good at what she does...very knowledgable. Still have the irons, and suit me just fine.

    I have also taken lessons from her, and is a great Ambassador for Titleist.

    Recommend her for all you golfing needs
  5. Ric Gregory
    Currans Hill, NSW

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    I use SM6 (Raw) and think they are awesome

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