New SM7s look sick.....

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    Saw a picture yesterday!! What do you all think, I’m in love!!! And info on them would be great and the difference between them and the SM6???

    Thanks in advanced...

    Prov1 for life

  2. Rob_Roth1
    San Diego, CA

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    They do look awesome I wonder why type of grinds and shafts they are going to offer.
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    They are continuing all of the SM6 grinds and they are adding a D grind, which seems like a higher bounce wedge with heal-toe relief similar to an M grind. This is not necessarily true, I am not an employee of Titleist of course, but you can probably trust it. The D Grind is 12* of effective bounce from what I have seen. I'll be looking forward to putting it into the bag because I have a V grind and a high bounce M grind and I need new wedges and the higher bounce appeals to me.
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    I was on my instagram account and noticed some of the pros bags with the wedges in them and I saw a T grind.
  5. eric G
    louisville, 0

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    Zac Blair's new wedges are some of the best looking wedges I have seen. Loved that they didn't have the loft stamped on them
  6. Antonio G
    River Forest, IL

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    I have not seen the new SM7's as of today, if they are anything close to my SM6's (M) I am sure going to love them. I can't wait to try them.
  7. Kathy J
    Portland, OR

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    I would like to know the incremental differences between the sm6 and sm7? Thank you for the education.
  8. Wade W
    Roanoke, VA

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    Love the stamps on Zac Blair's. Look him up on Twitter if you haven't seen them.


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