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By Mark A

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  1. Mark A
    Bayswater, VIC

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    Hi fellow TTers, Posting this message from Australia as our local site has gone very quiet of late. I have just ordered some new 718 AP2’s but I now have the dilemma of what to do with my wedges. My current irons (716cbs) were fitted with KBS Tour shafts but my fitting for the AP2s led me to the TT AMT Tour Whites. My SM6 wedges are still in excellent condition but are fitted with KBS Tour shafts to match the CBs. Does anyone know when the SM7s are likely to hit the market? Should I simply have the SM6s reshafted with TT AMTs? Look forward to your replies, Mark

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    I have a similar dilemma, being that I got SM6 wedges prior to my fitting. I am waiting on the SM7 release to upgrade, which will also allow me to achieve uniform shafts. I have a feeling that the SM7 will not disappoint, and I would be kicking myself if I spent money changing shafts when I could just order them in the SM7 this spring. The SM7 should release in March, if it follows suit with previous wedge releases. That gives you 4 months to wear your SM6's out! Have a great day down under!
  3. Brian O
    Omaha, NE

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    Hi Mark,

    I also had the same dilemma but the other way around, I was playing Dynamic Gold AMT in my irons and wedges but was fit into KBS Tours for my 718 AP2s. Since I received my irons at the end of the season here in the Northern Hemisphere I will be waiting for the new SM7s to find the appropriate shafts. Since your golf season is just starting I would do some initial testing between your PW and GW to see if you think the AMT white would be better suited in your Vokeys as well. You might find that you like the KBS in them regardless of what you're playing in your irons. Hope this helps.


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