Swing weight adjusted based on shaft selection from factory?

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By DPerk

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  1. DPerk

    Somerville, MA


    If you order a set of SM7's through a certified reseller/fitter with a shaft lighter than the default 127g S200's, lets say with PX 5.5's at 115g, will Titleist adjust the swing weight back to the default D3/D5 or will they assume my intention was to go lighter based on my shaft selection?

    I'm asking about what Titleist does by default, not what I would get if I was to use WedgeWorks and manually specify a SW change.

    Any additional info on achieving the ideal heavier-than-irons SW in the wedges while using a lower flex (and likely lower weight) shaft would be appreciated.

    Thanks for the help, Dan

  2. Joseph M

    Joseph M
    Saint John, New Brunswick

    You can specify the swing weight you want at the time of your order and they will advise whether they can meet your requirement- they will never make an assumption on swing weight based on the shaft ordered

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