SM7 Wedge Fitting, Finding Your Grind

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By Matt R

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  1. Love my vokey SM5 wedges and it's time for an upgrade. I was curious about the process of grind fitting and found this article. I thought they did a good job going into detail about the grinds, specifically the new D grind.

    When you bought your vokey wedges, did you go through a proper wedge fitting like this writer? Would love to hear your feedback, if you were fitting for a wedge you didn't originally consider, etc etc.

  2. I have not been fitted yet but will be next month when Titleist comes to my club. While I do enjoy reading/watching club reviews and specs more than the average guy, I'm going to be completely guided by what my fitter recommends in terms of grinds, gapping, etc. The only question in my head is what shafts will be most compatible considering I have the KBS Tour FLT's in my 716AP2's. I'm curious to hear others' wedge fitting feedback as well.
  3. I didn't even consider shafts, I normally just play the stock vokey shafts. Another component to consider!
  4. Rob_Roth1

    San Diego, CA

    This video really explains it as well:

  5. Just had a fitting at TPI for wedges. Three wedges same lofts I had been playing but three different grinds. Kept the same shaft in a 50.08F as my 718 AP2 Project X 5.5. With the 56.10S and the 60.08M True Temper S200 1 degree flat. With so many options you need to get fit. Titleist Thursdays a great way get this done.

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