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  1. Bob K

    Bob K
    Reston, VA

    I currently own AP3 irons with Project X LZ 6.0 shaft. I’m getting fitted for the new Vokey SM7 wedges. What shaft would be equivalent to my irons for the wedges.

  2. I have the Project X LZ 6.0 in my AP2's with Project X LZ 5.5 in my SM7's. I don't know if this works for you as every golfer is different but a titleist fitter will steer you in the right direction as did mine.
  3. 19hole

    Woburn, MA

    You can use that same shaft in your wedges. However, Mr. Vokey would suggest that you go one flex softer for them. The standard wedge shaft is an S200, where most standard iron stiff shafts would be S300. You might think about either the 5.5 or the 5.0 for your wedges. Call the guys at wedgeworks (888-305-0582), they will help you choose the right shafts.
  4. John B

    John B
    Kenmore, NY

    For what its worth I have the same PX LZ 6.0 shaft in my AP2s and then leave my Vokeys with the stock DG S200 that comes with the SM7. I truly believe with a quality company like Titleist, they put the best shaft in to match the needs of most golfers. If you are getting a gap wedge for full swings then maybe I would switch that out to match your irons. But otherwise I think we overthink what the manufacturer knows is best for us - especially wedges which are specialty clubs and aren't often used with full swings.
  5. Lou G

    Lou G
    San Diego, CA

    I have PX Rifle 5.5 on my 6 and 8 iron. Wedge flex with the 42*, Vokeys and 64. I originally had 6.0 on the 8 iron but like the feel of the 5.5 much better. 5.5 and Wedgeflex (S200) are about the same. Hogan #4 or S300 is as stiff as I go on irons.

    I actually hit 5 yards farther with an AP2 PX 6.0 vs an AP1 R300. I gain 10 yards over an Apex Plus with #4 using the AP2. With the 5.5 on the AP2 it is 3 yards farther vs the AP1 R300. Softer landing with 5.5 vs 6.0.

    Tillsonburg, ON

    Your fitter should be able to get you into the right shaft.
  7. Go with the same shafts as your irons and you won’t question yourself standing over the ball.

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