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By Kyle S

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  1. Just switched over to Titleist brand a few weeks ago. Had been using cally Mack Daddy Forged Wedges. I had noticed that I just wasn't getting the bite on the greens when pitching and chipping that others were. So, I decided to join the Vokey Wedge club! I absolutely love the check I am getting with the SM6. I have another SM6 on the way and love everything about it.

    For those that have already went to the SM7 how does it compare to the SM6?

    Thanks for a superior product!

  2. Lou G

    Lou G
    San Diego, CA

    I have SM6 50-08 (49*) and 60-12K (57*) along with a Callie MD3 64/8. I find the 64 easier to hit off tight lies and hard sand vs an SM6 62-08. In place of a 9 iron I use a Fourteen RM21 42*.


    Welcome aboard..vokeys are the
  4. Edward K

    Edward K
    Wesley Chapel, FL

    I honestly can't give any feedback to the other brands, as I've only hit Vokey's for YEARS. Welcome aboard!.....
  5. Thanks everyone! The more I hit them, the more I love them. I can definitely tell a difference over the previous wedge brands (Cleveland, cally) I have played.
  6. I completely agree. I took my new 56 and 60 SM6s out today and the difference was absolutely noticeable. I am switching over from Cleveland wedges.

    My first hole, the ball checked up immediately. A complete and total game changer. Upset I waited so long to make the switch!

    Team Titleist!
  7. I have SM5’s and i am just about to upgrade to the SM7’s in black !! Can’t wait

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