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By Kyle B

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  1. Kyle B

    Kyle B
    Washington, DC

    I recently picked up a 50* SM6 with the stamped “serial number” perpendicular (not up and down) the hosel. I’ve been told this is a sign it is from one of the tour vans. My first question is: is that true? My second question is: is there a way of telling which van it came from, which maker put it together, or for whom it was made?

    FWIW, the stamp looks to me like “1911” or something. Definitely a “19..” Not sure what those last two characters are. Also, the ferrule is completely different than anything I have seen on a retail Vokey...or any Titleist for that matter.

    Any info is greatly appreciated!

    Thanks in advance TT!

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  2. Titleist Professional

    Titleist Professional
    United Kingdom

    Yes it looks like a tour van serial number only way to find out who made and what Van is to contact the Titleist team on number below if in UK


    Many thanks hope this helps
    Dylan :)
  3. Lance P

    Lance P
    hillsborough, NC

    I hope the OP finds the info he needs and shares it with us. Could be a real cool club/story!

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