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By Marc W

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  1. Marc W

    Marc W
    las vegas, NV

    Has anyone else been fitted for different grinds/bounce in sm7 compared to earlier vokey releases? I was F grind in sw and M grind lob wedge in sm5 and was recently fitted for S grind for both which surprised me. I also thought I would like D grind because I feel I’m steep but didn’t like it at all. Thanks for listening! Lol

  2. Hey Mark,

    Yes I changed my SW from SM5 to SM7 I had a 50-08F, 54-10M and 60-08M and with SM7's I stayed with the 50-08F and 60-08M but switched the 54 to a 54-10S bent to 55 degrees. I also tried the 60-12D and as much as it may have helped out of the sand every flop I tried ended badly.
  3. Edward K

    Edward K
    Wesley Chapel, FL

    I use a Vokey in place of my PW, and I've tried to stay consistent. I work on the wedges diligently, trying different clubs before I buy. It has to look good, but M and F for me.
  4. Johnny Tee

    Johnny Tee
    Mississauga, ON

    I was just recently fitted for F grinds in the 50 and 56 and the M grind in the 60. Just waiting for them to arrive :)

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