Sweeper soft fairway hard bunkers

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By PDoherty

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  1. Bit of a contradiction with my course having hard bunkers and soft fairways. One implies high bounce and the other lower bounce. Also I am a sweeper which implies lower bounce. So bounce wise my guess is 8 to 10 ie mid bounce.

    Now grinds , this is not easy!!! My guess is M grind for my SW wedge 56.08 and maybe D grind in my lob wedge 60.12??? or should the lob be 60.08 M grind.

    Cant see a fitter none in the country Kenya.

  2. Lou G

    Lou G
    San Diego, CA

    56-08M works in just about everything. I tried one in soft sand and hard grass and it WORKS. a 62-08M is also a good wedge.

    I do shot making. I sweep for softer shots and dig for tight lie shots.

    I'm not to space wedges 4*. I carry 48-56-64.

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