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By Martin S

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  1. Need a new wedge setup:

    My new set of irons has a pitching wedge with 45° of loft

    My current wedge setup: 50.12F 58.12K (only used for bunker shots) 60.10S

    The 58° is replaceable as I'm only liking this club for bunker shots, and even then I have to swing down hard for making the ball pop up, making it hard to create controlled bunker shots.

    I'm thinking of a new wedge setup like this: 50.12F 54.10S And then either keep my current 60.10S or replacing it with a 60.08M or 58.08M which would give me a different option in terms of bounce/grinds.

    Your thoughts/experiences? Do you notice a difference between a 60° or 58°, as a 58° would give me a normal gapping between wedges?

  2. Dennis B

    Dennis B
    New Lowell, ON

    I would replace the 58 with either a 54 or 56 bent to 55. Then you would have even gapping between wedges. You would have to figure what bounce works for your course conditions.
  3. 48 53 56 60 any suggestions
  4. Depends a lot in how far you're hitting your irons/wedges as to the gapping required. At a guess a 54 or 56 would be needed.

    If you get a custom fitting make sure they have the tech/TrackMan/flightscope as that will give you the answers. Grinds and bounce are also difficult as every swing is different and depends a lot on swing and contact. Had a fitting last week for some wedges and found high bounce was what I needed which I wouldn't have gone for if I didn't do a fitting but the stats and feel backed it up

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