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By Richard A

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  1. Richard A

    Richard A
    St Neots, Cambs

    As the british course conditions can vary through the year from being firm or soft. I'm interested to know if anyone changes their wedge bounce to suit these conditions. For example using a 50.12 for soft and a 50.8 for firm, and likewise for other wedges in the set.

  2. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    I play a standard 50* that goes with my T300 set of irons in soft or firm conditions. All my wedges match my T300 set except my vokey SM7 which is a fitted 58.12D. I use it in the sand, in the rough and the fairways. Consider it my sleeper club. Has the ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ imprinted on it and Mr Vokey's vote of approval........
  3. Doug E

    Doug E
    Urbana, MD

    I don't find it necessary to change my 50* gap wedge to a higher or lower bounce dependent on the conditions, since I use that 95% of time for full swing shots from fairway and rough. I don't consider changing my PW or 9i to a different bounce, so I see no need to change my GW either. Though I am a slightly steeper swinger, I have never had a problem with my 50.08F, nor have I ever felt I'd do any better with a 50.12F in softer conditions. On full swing, square faced shots, the bounce doesn't make all that much difference with a 48 or 50* wedge used primarily for full, square faced shots IMO.

    However, when we start looking at sand and lob wedges, those are the ones, when played with open faces, that bounce can have a greater and more obvious affect. I have been playing the SM7s in a 54.10S and a 58.12D. I just ordered new SM8s, but went with the D grind on the 54.12 this time. I stayed with the 58.12D on my LW since I liked that option so much in the SM7. The wider soled D-grind on the 54 will allow me to be a bit more creative around the greens and from the sand. I have been playing the 54 a lot more often from the sand than I used to after making some slight changes to my general bunker swing, so felt the extra bounce would be more helpful. Our bunkers are fairly soft sand. Bounce is good.

    When my home course dries out and gets really hard and firm, I don't feel that having 12* of bounce makes much difference on full shots. On the other hand, those little open-faced touch shots around the green, from certain tight lies, can be a bit dicey. So, during those very firm periods, I sometimes carry a 62.08M (and have to leave out a long iron or hybrid). It is extremely helpful around the green from a yard or two off to a short-sided pin whether from the fairway or thin rough when the ball sits down on the dirt. An open face with a nice little smooth swing right along the ground will pop my AVX up nicely and land it softly on the green a foot or two away from the pin, with little worry of bouncing off the ground and blading it, like you might with a high bounce LW. Honestly though, you can easily do the same with a 58.12D when the conditions are a bit softer or the rough is a little thicker.

    If I were ALWAYS playing in soft conditions, I'd likely have high bounce everything. The K grind would be King. (Is that what the K stands for? ;-)

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