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  1. What grind and bounce options are best when the course conditions are soft turf and hard bunkers? Here in the Midwest, some of the public and muni courses I play have some poorly maintained bunkers, especially after it rains. The top inch of sand is usually soft and beneath that, it gets really firm. Even under ideal weather it seems that’s how they play. Is it better to carry a low bounce wedge and mid/high bounce wedge ? Ex. 54*-10* 58*-6* or vice versa? I’m a steep to neutral swing plane.


  2. John B

    John B
    Kenmore, NY

    I go 54 S 10 and 58 M 8 for similar conditions to you. I open the 54 slightly if fairways are wet and sand soft, but when fairways firm up and sand is like you describe the 58 works great.
  3. Don J

    Don J
    Cranston, RI

    Go to lot of info on there about grinds and bounces plus they have a wedge selector tool you can use plug in your info and shows what he thinks would work best hope this will help you out good luck
  4. Thomas Y

    Thomas Y
    Wenham, MA

    If you are a bit steep to neutral (more of a digger than sweeper), I'd suggest higher bounce wedges for your bag. I like to have wedges with a higher bounce and a lower bounce to cover lots of conditions. For me, I want the higher loft wedge to be low bounce as I want to always feel like I can hit it high on any condition and not feel like I can't get the club under the ball. The sand wedge/mid loft wedge is the higher bounce wedge.

    If you generally use the 54 as a sand only club, and F or S grind should be pretty effective. Or, go with the new 54 D grind for your high bounce wedge, then a 58 S or M grind as the lower bounce wedge. M grind and D grind are more versatile if you like to open the face up or close it down a bit. If you tend to be more of a square face player, then the F, S, and K are your friends (K grind limited lofts).

    Good luck!
  5. I use the 56.14F and the 60.04L - for nearly all bunker shots and soft turf conditions i use the 56. If the sand is like clay or really impacted i use the 60 out of the bunkers, i like having the extreme bounce differences- the M grind could also be a good low bounce option then use the D for higher bounce situations

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