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By Max

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  1. Max

    Allen, Texas

    I was custom fit into SM6 wedges 2 years ago. They’ve been amazing clubs but are showing significant wear (I practice and/or play daily). I’m ready for the new SM8’s. Would you recommend I get fitted for the SM8’s or use my SM6 profile?

  2. I would take the time to get fit again. Not only to make sure your yardage gaps are where you want them to be, but also for the types of shots you hit with them. The multitude of combinations and customizations are overwhelming and a good fitter can give you the right guidance (and also a lot of education about wedge design and your swing). Shaft choices are also important and a good fitter can best advise you.

    But if you do go for a fitting, make sure it is somewhere were you will be hitting outside off real turf vs. an indoor fitting. I went to TPI Oceanside last year for a full bag fitting and the wedge session was the most educational part.
  3. Jason R

    Jason R
    Ottawa, ON

    Many factors - has your swing changed? Are you satisfied with the lofts and bounce combos you have?

    I tend to play 100 +/- rounds a year and replace my wedges annually. I could probably push the Gap and PW a bit longer but I find by the end of the season my SW and LW have significant wear.

    I go through a fitting every other year (synced with the release cycle) to cross check specs / performance and to satisfy my inner urger to constantly tweak with equipment. Will straight replace order on the off year.


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