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By CUrwin

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  1. Have trouble hitting off of tight fairway lies 75 yds & less into greens! Any suggestions on newer wedges?

  2. New wedges build confidence so yes it may help getting fitted for that...for me that’s a 56 s grind. Phil Mickelson has a tip for tight lies he said on Instagram a while back...lift the heel off the ground so only the toe is grounded and it may help. Good luck
  3. Doug E

    Doug E
    Urbana, MD

    Hard to diagnose without seeing your swing. Trouble how? Fat, thin?

    Just a guess, but, if fat, try focusing on the front of the ball (or even an inch in front of it), rather than the back of it. You are more inclined to hit down and make ball first contact if your aim point for where you want the club to bottom out is more forward. Stay over the ball on your way back and through. Don't sway. Also, don't decelerate no matter whether a full swing or partial. It's common to be tense and consequently decelerate when you are not confident hitting off a tight lie, especially when it's a less-than full swing shot. Use your core to get through the ball, even on short shots. Not your arms. Don't hit at it. Hit through it. Good swing speed through the ball can make a big difference, even on a less than perfect swing.

    As far as wedge suggestions, more bounce won't hurt you unless you are really shallow and tend to bottom out 2-3 inches behind the ball. Less bounce can hurt you. As Bob Vokey says, "Bounce is your friend."
  4. Todd T

    Todd T
    San Diego, CA

    Get fit. No one here has seen your swing, what wedges you're currently playing and most importantly your turf conditions (hard, packed, wet and etc)!

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