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By JMoyers

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  1. Took both sets of sm8s out yesterday. Without question the raw finish has superior spin vs sets with a coating. I know the grooves are cut deeper to allow for the finish blah blah. Same day same conditions using 2021 proV1 and some shots with left dash proV1x. Short touch shots and pitches seemed to show the biggest difference. Really think it has to do with the spin as much as the grind work that makes the tour players all use raw wedges.

  2. John M

    John M
    Aiken, SC

    Nice to have the side-by-side data. I have four tour issued Raw SM8s in the bag now and I agree that they feel softer and seem to impart more spin than the finished versions, even for a guy with moderate swing speeds.
  3. Brock L

    Brock L
    Fort Myers, FL

    For what it's worth, various tests (using launch monitors) have shown that raw wedges actually spin LESS than chromed versions.
  4. Yes I’ve seen such data. Also why every year the new driver goes 10 yards further with less spin but plays awfully similar on the course. Either way playing Vokey and will use both sets. Just my on the course observation.

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