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By Scott G

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  1. Scott G

    Scott G
    Tampa, FL

    I currently have a 60 deg model 260-04. Not sure of the bounce. What would be the equivalent of a new model?

  2. Andrew A

    Andrew A
    Charlotte, NC

    04 is the bounce. Do you know the grind? Best thing to do would be to get a proper fitting, but my guess would be that the M grind would be the closest current model.
  3. GMcClanahan

    Pinehurst, NC

    The M-grind is 8 degrees bounce. I know because that’s what I play. Click on the wedge link and there is a chart that shows the bounce for each wedge. There is a new wedge with 4 degrees of bounce. I think it’s the T grind but check the stats. The grind is very important also. The Vokey link has good descriptions on each grind.
  4. J22abe


    the -04 designates 4 degrees of bounce. The SM9 equivalent is the 60 04L.
    The newly released to public, tour popular, T grind is also 4 degrees of bounce.

    I use this club and love it!

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