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By Ralph M

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  1. Ralph M

    Ralph M
    Roswell NM


    i remember being told quite a while back that shafts did not matter on wedges and that the standard true temper wedge flex would work. I'm just curious to see if there is a difference when dealing with other than stock shafts on the wedges.

  2. Richard P

    Richard P
    Lorraine, QC

    Hi, excellent question.
    Last week, I was looking reviews on wedge’ shafts and opinions are not always in same direction. It is more for sand and lob wedges for partial shots.
    I listen a video on youtube of Mr. Bob Vokey who said that the S200 shaft used in stock wedge are very good to do the job. I agree with his affirmation.

    What I understand is: for partial shot, a more flexible shaft with an heavier weight, could help by adding some feeling for the shot. Some player are using a 8 iron’shaft from the same kind of shaft in their iron, to put in wedge. But they use a flex more stiff which add the weight. I think they called that a spinner shaft.
    I am curious and, I just ordered last week a new SM10 58K grind with a KBS Rev2.0 to try it.
    I do not expect that would change a lot of things. The sm200 has already very good feeling for partial shots.
    Best regards,
  3. I tend to full swing my wedges, play the SM9s, and found I get better ball flight and feel after switching. Dropped in the project X LZ, wanted something stiffer. Seems to respond better when under a full load.
  4. Eric N

    Eric N
    Northwood, NH

    I’ve bounced back and forth over the years between playing identical shafts to my irons or same iron shaft but slightly softer (ie PX 6.5 - 6).

    Had a set of KBS Tour S+ in the last iteration of the AP2’s and paired that years Vokeys with the KBS High Revs, which I really enjoyed.

    The obvious answer is either a fitting or comes down to personal preference, but I’ve always found the stock Vokey shaft to be slightly softer for my liking. Personally, matching my iron shafts over the last 12 years or so has led to a bit more consistency.
  5. Barry M

    Barry M
    Reno, NV

    The standard shaft will work, but there is a good chance an alternate will work better. Just depends on your swing and what you want from your wedges. That is why Titleist offers a wide selection of alternate shafts when ordering.
    If you're curious, the best solution is to go to a Titleist fitting. They will have all the options and can match you up with what works best for your expectations. The most surprising part of any club fitting is how much influence the shaft has in the process.
  6. Dale V

    Dale V
    Surprise AZ

    I started matching my wedge shafts with my iron shafts on the last two releases (SM9 and SM10) and I really like the consistency of feel by going that route. Not knocking anyone who prefers to stick with the standard wedge shafts, just saying for me, I prefer matching them up.
  7. Anthony C

    Anthony C
    Tinton Falls NJ

    Same with me since the SM8 generation. I actually play the wedges in a slightly lighter flex too. Same shaft, less flex. Picked up that tip from Bob Vokey.
  8. Ralph M

    Ralph M
    Roswell NM

    Great I appreciate all the feedback.
  9. Marc J

    Marc J

    I was recently fitted for my new SM10 Vokey wedges with the True Temper AMT Red Regular shafts installed in them . I have the same shafts in all of my irons in which I play the 718 AP2 which is at the moment the only thing left to upgrade.

    Current golf set up is as follows :

    - TSR2 Driver 11 degree ( B4 Setting ) with the Project X HZRDUS 5.0 Red CB 50 Gram shaft regular
    - TSR2 Fairway wood 18 degree ( C4 Setting ) with the Project X HZRDUS 5.0 Red CB 60 Gram shaft regular
    - TSR2 Fairway wood 21 degree ( C4 Setting ) with the Project X HZRDUS 5.0 Red CB 60 Gram shaft regular
    - TSR2 Hybrid 24 degree ( C4 Setting ) with the Project X HZRDUS 5.0 Red CB 60 Gram shaft regular
    - 718 AP2 Irons ( 5-PW) with the True Temper AMT Red Regular Shafts . All irons are 1 degree flat
    - SM10 Vokey Wedges ( 50.08 F Grind ) ; ( 54.10 S Grind ) and the (58.08 M Grind). All wedges are 1 degree flat
    - Putter is the Futura 7M Scotty Cameron

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