VIDEO: How Do You Line Up Your Titleist Golf Ball?

Here at Team Titleist, we have a lot of different conversations around one of our favorite topics - Titleist golf balls. The dialogue ranges from in-depth reviews of technology and performance to team members talking about the stand-out shots from over the weekend.

As avid golfers, there's also always talk about our own games and what some might call on-course superstitions (we prefer to call them routines). Earlier in the year, we asked a few colleagues how they lined up their Titleist golf ball on the tee and on the green. As you might imagine, there were a lot of different and interesting answers.

So we figured, let's hear what some of the best players in the world have to say. With our trusty camera in hand, we hit the road and caught up with a number of Titleist Brand Ambassadors and golf ball loyalists on the practice tee to get their story.

"I'm not superstitious, but I like to tee it up the same way every time," said Titleist Brand Ambassador Rory McIlroy. "I line the Pro V1x logo on the side, I usually line it up going towards the target."

Titleist Brand Ambassador Geoff Ogilvy has an entirely different approach, "I like to see nothing, so I usually hit the Titleist logo, because that's the best way to have it completely plain on top."

So the question is, how do you line up your Titleist?

Share your story below and check out the video above to see what the rest of the pros had to say.

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