Titleist Pro V1
Balls Pro V1 Performance Alignment
Titleist Pro V1 Performance Alignment

Pro V1 Performance Alignment

$60 /dozen

Pro V1 Performance Alignment

$60 /dozen

Pro V1 Performance Alignment is currently unavailable on Titleist.com.

Along with all the same performance benefits as Pro V1, Pro V1 Performance Alignment features a premium tour-inspired, 105-degree precision alignment marking for improved aim and accuracy, offering a visual aid measuring over 65% longer than the Titleist standard sidestamp.


  • Premium, 105-Degree performance alignment marking
  • Long distance
  • Very low long game spin
  • Penetrating trajectory
  • Consistent flight
  • Drop-and-stop™ greenside control


  • High gradient core technology lowers long game spin for long distance
  • Speed amplifying high-flex casing layer contributes to low long game spin
  • Soft cast urethane Elastomer Cover™ provides excellent greenside spin
  • Spherically-tiled 388 tetrahedral dimple design delivers penetrating and consistent flight
  • Available with Black, Red, Green and Blue alignment markings

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