Balls Pro V1x RCT

Pro V1x RCT

$65 /dozen
Special Offer

Pro V1x RCT

$65 /dozen
Special Offer
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Titleist Pro V1x RCT

Precision Performance, Captured.

The Titleist Pro V1x® RCT golf ball is designed to deliver long distance, outstanding greenside spin and control and soft feel. In addition to all these premium performance benefits, the Pro V1RCT golf ball has been engineered for radar based launch monitors to provide the most accurate golf ball data on these devices for the indoor golf experience. The technology of the Pro V1RCT golf ball has been optimized with TrackMan. Pro V1x RCT golf balls conform with USGA and R&A rules.


  • Optimized for Indoor Spin Capture
  • Long Distance with Consistent Flight
  • Low Long Game Spin and High Trajectory
  • Drop-and-Stop™ Short Game Control
  • Soft Feel


  • Internal Radar Reflective Marker Optimized for Indoor Spin Capture
  • 2.0 ZG Process Dual Core Delivers Speed andDistance
  • Fast Casing Layer Adds Speed and Lowers Long Game Spin
  • Soft Cast Urethane Elastomer Cover Increases Greenside Spin
  • Spherically-tiled 348 Tetrahedral Dimple Design Delivers High and Consistent Flight

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