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Pro Files: Rickie Fowler [Chapter 1]

Join us for a conversation with Titleist golf ball loyalist Rickie Fowler, as he answers a variety of questions submitted by members of Team Titleist. In Chapter 1, Rickie...


Watson, Luiten Ko and Fox Lead 4-Win Week for Titleist Players

The winning momentum continued around the globe for Titleist this week, as Titleist Brand Ambassadors and golf ball loyalists combined for three more worldwide tour...


The #1 Ball in Golf: 2018 Wins

Titleist is the #1 ball for more players and more champions across the worldwide professional tours. Thus far in the 2017-2018 season, Titleist golf ball players...

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Golf Clubs

Struggling with AP2s

I made the Switch from GI TM Burners to AP2's in Dec of 2016. I was 7 Handicap looking to take my game to the next level. I can move the ball fairly well right to left but...

Golf Clubs

Does Titleist Still Offer 1 Free Loft/Lie Adjustment?

Hey guys and gals! Does Titleist still offer original owners of an iron set 1 free lie and loft adjustment? Also if they do offer the 1 time adjustment, is it possible to...

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