Poll Results: What is the Most Important Statistic in Golf?

The results are in – and more than half of the Team Titleist members that participated in our latest Quick Poll agreed: Greens in Regulation (G.I.R.) should be at the top of your checklist when tracking statistics for game improvement.

Putting Average was second on the list, according to Team Titleist members, while both driving statistics (Driving Distance and Driving Accuracy) were considered to be of lesser importance.

Your opinions fell right in line with those of our Titleist Performance Golf Ball Fitting experts, who are currently touring the country educating golfers on Titleist's green-to-tee methodology.

Golfers play more shots to the green than from the tee. The higher the score, the more shots that have been hit to the green.

When you focus on improving the areas of your game that require the majority of your strokes, you'll find the greatest opportunity to lower your score. Tracking and improving your G.I.R. is an important part of that process. Making sure you are playing the right golf ball for your game is another.

What are you doing to improve your G.I.R.?

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19 Replies

  1. James H

    I think it depends on the player which one is most important cause you can 2 putt all day and take 4 or 5 shots to make the green or u can make the green in 2 or 3 shots and 3 and 4 putt all day.For me I feel if I hit the green in 2 or 3 shots I should make it in 1 or 2 putts and get a decent score

  2. owen p

    I agree because that means you at lease have a birdie putt, so 2 putt for a par.

  3. owen p


  4. John B

    I agree. If you hit every green and 2 putt you shoot even par. If you miss a green you have to chip close and make the putt for a par. The more greens you hit the more birdies and lower scores!

  5. Sean FN

    Obviously the short game is important, but if a golfer can't get his tee shots into play, i.e., in bounds, than that makes the game that much more difficult.

  6. morgan t

    definitely the putting average. You can get on the green in one every time but if you four putt youre shootin 90's.

  7. Hotsauce

    Tough to make birdies if you miss the green.  Tough to shoot a good score if you don't make any birdies.  I would say GIR is most important without a doubt.

  8. Michael D @ TPC Jasna Polana

    Definetly GIR! If your all over the place with your driver, but you can still hit the green in regulation you will do just fine.

  9. greg g

    For Vincent (frist Comment)  GIR stands for Greens in Regulation.  In order to shoot par the goal is to hit GIR the majority of the time and then to 2 putt everytime your on the Green in Regulation.  SO Driving looses its value if you think of golf in making the green in regulation.  SO for example:  The hole is 350 yards to the green.  If you hit your first shot only 200 yards and are in the fairway and can get on the green with a trusty 150 yard shot you have made the green in regulation if it is a par 4 hole.  (only took 2 shots to get on the green)

    Tracking how many times you are at the GIR is a very critical stat for being a scratch golfer.  

    Avg. putting strokes then becomes your second most important stat as this tells you how many shots it will take to sink the ball once on the green.  Usually when you're avg. is over 2 it is either because your too far from the hole to keep the ball within 2 feet on the first putt or you are just not landing putts due to where you are landing on the green.  Upslope putting, Across slope, downslope, etc...  

    Sounds simple but it's not, because everyone wants that first shot to be as close to the green as possible to make the second shot count.  If you're money shot is 120 to 150 yards you don't need to worry so much about the Bombs off the tee.

  10. Todd P

    Actually the putting above is putting average.  Which means the average number of putts it takes you per hole.  So you could average an amazing 1.5 putts per hole but if it takes you 17 shots to get to the green it means nothing.  So again greens in regulation is by far the most important stat of the 4 listed above, and hence why it received the most votes.

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