Poll Results: What is the Most Important Statistic in Golf?

The results are in – and more than half of the Team Titleist members that participated in our latest Quick Poll agreed: Greens in Regulation (G.I.R.) should be at the top of your checklist when tracking statistics for game improvement.

Putting Average was second on the list, according to Team Titleist members, while both driving statistics (Driving Distance and Driving Accuracy) were considered to be of lesser importance.

Your opinions fell right in line with those of our Titleist Performance Golf Ball Fitting experts, who are currently touring the country educating golfers on Titleist's green-to-tee methodology.

Golfers play more shots to the green than from the tee. The higher the score, the more shots that have been hit to the green.

When you focus on improving the areas of your game that require the majority of your strokes, you'll find the greatest opportunity to lower your score. Tracking and improving your G.I.R. is an important part of that process. Making sure you are playing the right golf ball for your game is another.

What are you doing to improve your G.I.R.?