Golf Channel Morning Drive: Inside Titleist Golf Ball R&D

Join Golf Channel’s Matt Adams, as he tours a place that not many visitors have seen before - the Golf Ball Research & Development laboratories inside Titleist. It’s here that the Titleist process of creation and innovation begins, as new technologies, materials and design concepts are developed and put to the test, all in a never-ending pursuit to provide the best performing and highest quality golf balls in the game.

Check out our Titleist Story pages to learn more about Titleist Golf Ball R&D.


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10 Replies

  1. Brian D

    Great video explaining how Titleist is continually looking to make improvements, and understanding that there are failures through the process, but learning from those failures are exactly why Titleist continues to be the #1 Ball in the world, regardless of events.  Players choose Titleist because it is expected to perform...same standards we all have regardless of level of play....We want to play a ball that will perform and Titleist continues to deliver.

    Thank you for sharing an inside view of what goes into My Ball!

  2. A

    Can see why Titleist is the best ball on the market. Great video.Have a good day...Kevin A

  3. Ray P

    It is easy to see why Titleist is the leader in golf balls...played by more Pros and AMs than any other.  A leader in golf, and proud to be on the "team"

  4. K

    Being a weekend hack it's great to see that there are dedicated folks making things better for people like myself.  I know it's hard work but, it seems like a magical place to work.  Titleist continues to push the limits.  Lastly, to get a glimpse and deeper understanding of the processes involved is truly wonderful!  Hit it Long, Hit it Straight!

  5. eagle3

    Being a member of Team Titleist and an avid supporter of the Titleist brand this info video on the R&D behind the ProV1 & Prov1x is really an eye opener. Makes me even more of a user and promoter of the brand. The ProV1 & ProV1x are the only brands I use and use both, depending on conditions. Thanks for the info.

  6. Bill M

    Thank you for the inside "look!" It was great to see some of the techniques in developing the "Best" ball made "Better!"

    With near 75 people working on improvements can't wait for next generation to help me play better!  Hurry up!

  7. BigDon

    Great job but i could use a string on my ball.

  8. John P

    Just tried a sleeve of the new DT Truesoft. I have been hitting the old Trusoft all year long, and I do notice a difference in the distance. The new balls are farther and the feel around the greens is better. Great job guy's.

  9. Jay R

    I'm testing the new DT TruSoft ball.  I used it on Thursday and hit drives at least 10 yards further than usual.  Had the ball spin enough to stop on the greens, and achieved a bucket list accomplishment:  shot 76 at age 77.  Great ball.

  10. Steve S

    Hey Rick V, loved the Titleist golf ball video. Thanks for sharing.

    Play Well,

    Steve S