Tips from TPI: Better Posture for Better Ball Striking

Anyone who has competed in THE PLAYERS Championship will agree that precision shotmaking is required to successfully navigate the TPC Sawgrass Stadium Course.

Titleist Brand Ambassador Adam Scott, the 2004 PLAYERS Champion, owns one of the most enviable swings in golf and is a perennial leader in the Strokes Gained: Tee to Green category.

In the video above, TPI co-founders Dave Phillips and Dr. Greg Rose highlight Adam’s ability to maintain his posture throughout his swing as a key to his consistent ball striking.

For exercises and drills to help you with your swing posture, or to find a TPI Certified Professional for assistance, be sure to visit

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2 Replies

  1. Mark Crose

    This is something I remind myself a half dozen times each round.  "Get Taller"  I tell myself, which helps me to stand and bend from the hips and keep my back straigt...a key for me hitting the ball solidly.  

  2. Tom P

    A great technical analysis of the rotation and posture in the golf would be amazing to have access to these tools during my practice time!