TS Speed Stories: Golf Swing Training Tips to Increase Your Swing Speed

Speed has been a hot topic of discussion in golf this year and Titleist is leading the conversation. Titleist held a symposium with PGA golf professionals in January 2019 to explore and share the many avenues that golfers can pursue to improve their golf swing speed and distance. The idea for the workshop was inspired by the success and gains that players are realizing with new TS drivers and TS fairway metals, the result of a two-year mission by Titleist R&D to deconstruct golf club design and find speed in every re-imagined detail.

The discussion was led by Josh Talge, Vice President of Marketing for Titleist Clubs, who was joined on stage by two experts on the subject. J.J. Van Wezenbeeck, Director of Titleist Club Promotion on the PGA Tour, is one of top club fitters in the world and he related to the club professionals and fitting experts in the audience how the best players in the world are finding more speed though equipment and fitting advances. To address the player side of the speed coin, Josh’s guest was Dave Phillips, top-50 instructor and co-founder of TPI, who shared insights into how the simple ways that players can get faster through sound training and proper technique.

We're sharing this discussion with Team Titleist as it is filled with practical information and tips that all golfers can use to add speed to their games. We’ll be sharing additional segments in the coming weeks, but to lead things off, let’s hear some eye-opening thoughts that Dave and J.J. shared above, in their opening remarks:

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