New Titleist EXP•01: Answering Your FAQs

Photo of New Titleist EXP•01 Golf Ball in Titleist R&D along with the component materials it is made from

Last week, our Golf Ball R&D team released a limited run of a new experimental golf ball called EXP•01. Of all the new concepts currently circulating within our R&D labs in Fairhaven, Mass., our scientists and engineers have become especially intrigued by the materials and processes involved in making EXP•01, particularly its proprietary thermoplastic urethane cover system. Our goal with this release is simple: Get as much real-world golfer feedback as possible before taking any next steps. While player testing and validation has always been the cornerstone of our R&D process, never before have we provided access to an experimental golf ball product to this many golfers, this early in the R&D process.

We want to gain a better understanding how golfers experience the performance of EXP•01 and, based on the level of feedback we’ve received after just one week, we know golfers are approaching this process with great diligence and enthusiasm. For that, we are grateful.

While we have purposely held back on sharing too much technical information, so that golfers are able to play EXP•01 without preconceived notions, it’s clear that many of you are eager to learn a little bit more about this product, as well as the future of “white box” testing.

We hope the following FAQ’s will provide additional clarity into this initiative – and we’ll continue to monitor your feedback and keep you updated throughout this process:

Photo of new Titleist EXP•01 golf ball dozen, 3-ball sleeve and single ball

What is the EXP•01 golf ball?

Titleist EXP•01 is an experimental, multi-layer golf ball that delivers low spin on long game shots for great distance and tight dispersion, short game spin and control, durability and consistency.

What is the product technology?

This 3-piece golf ball features a high speed core, specialized casing layer, proprietary thermoplastic urethane cover and 346 dimple design.

Does EXP•01 feature the same urethane cover as Pro V1, Pro V1x and AVX?

No. The covers of Pro V1, Pro V1x and AVX are designed with Titleist’s thermoset cast urethane technology. EXP•01 has a thermoplastic urethane cover. While both cover systems are termed “urethane,” they are manufactured using different materials and processes.

Does the EXP Project replace your golf ball testing with Team Titleist members? Will we now have to pay for “white box” prototypes?

No. White box prototype testing and validation with Team Titleist is an important part of our process and is a completely separate initiative that takes place closer to the end of our development stages. It's been exciting for us to watch this grow every year and this trend will continue. The best way to make sure you’re eligible for future white box samplings is to keep your Team Titleist profile up to date.

Photo of multiple EXP•01 golf balls, ready for packaging.