Pro V1, Pro V1x or AVX? Comparing the Best Golf Balls For Your Game

Graphic comparing performance differences between new 2019 Pro V1, new 2019 Pro V1x and AVX golf balls from Titleist

To play your best, you have to play the right golf ball. Fortunately, when it comes to performance, the choice is simple — Pro V1, Pro V1x or AVX. Pro V1, Pro V1x, and AVX are designed and manufactured with the singular goal of helping all golfers play their very best. They are golf balls without compromise, offering extraordinary distance in the long game, optimized flight, exceptional spin and control on approach shots and in the short game, soft feel, and long lasting durability.

So how do you decide between Pro V1Pro V1x or AVX? The best way to is to attend a Titleist golf ball fitting event and get fit by one our golf ball fitting experts. If you can't attend a fitting event, you can take advantage of our other Titleist golf ball fitting resources.

To help answer some of the most common questions we get about the differences between these models we reached out to Mike Rich, Titleist Manager of Golf Ball Fitting and Education.

Mike explained, "There are key performance differences between Pro V1, Pro V1x, and AVX. Each model offers unique flight, spin, and feel characteristics that should be considered when determining which model is best for your game. If you select the model with the flight, spin, and feel that compliment your game, you will increase your chances to play your best and shoot your lowest scores.”

Before you fill your ball pocket this season, check out the following quick guide and let's take a closer look at the new Pro V1Pro V1x or AVX golf balls.

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Titleist 2019 Pro V1 golf ball dozen, 3-ball sleeve and single golf ball image


  • Extraordinary Distance with Consistent Flight
  • Very Low Long Game Spin
  • Penetrating Trajectory
  • Drop-and-Stop™ Short Game Control
  • Very Soft Feel

When it was introduced in late 2000, the Pro V1 represented a performance revolution in the world of golf, combining the long, straight distance and durability of a 2-piece distance ball with the responsive feel and precise greenside control of the soft-covered, liquid-center, wound construction golf balls favored at the time on Tour. 

What worked so well for the tour pros translated equally well for amateur players and overnight, the Pro V1 became the performance and quality standard against which all other golf balls have since been measured.

Since that first breakthrough model, we've improved every aspect of the Pro V1. The new 2019 Pro V1 has been reengineered to be faster from core to cover - leaving the clubface with more ball speed and lower long game spin for more distance while still providing consistent flight, responsive feel and the best short game performance in the game.

"Pro V1 is our flagship product and sits as the centerpiece of our premium performance line," Mike Rich said. "The new 2019 Pro V1 provides optimal flight and spin for most golfers with a very soft feel."

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2019 Titleist Pro V1x golf ball dozen, 3-ball sleeve and single ball image

Pro V1x

  • Extraordinary Distance with Consistent Flight
  • Low Long Game Spin
  • High Trajectory
  • Drop-and-Stop™ Short Game Control
  • Soft Feel

The new 2019 Pro V1x has also been reengineered to be faster from core to cover. Compared to Pro V1, Pro V1x will fly higher and achieve peak height farther downrange. This results in greater carry distance, a steeper angle of descent and less roll than Pro V1. Pro V1x will also have a slightly firmer feel than Pro V1.

Pro V1 and Pro V1x both produce low spin in the long game and deliver Drop-and-Stop™ performance on approach shots into the green. While the long game spin of the new 2019 Pro V1 and new 2019 Pro V1x are very similar, there is a more significant difference in spin rates between the two models on iron approach shots and short game shots. Both models provide golfers with the requisite stopping power needed on these critical shots, but the different spin profiles can have game-changing benefits when applied to the right type of player.

"Pro V1x will spin more than Pro V1," Mike Rich said. "This is most noticeable on approach shots and short game shots."

So who would fit well into the Pro V1x golf ball? As Mike told us, the idea that Pro V1x is only for highly skilled players or high speed players is a misconception.

"When assessing if Pro V1x is the best fit for a golfer, the player’s swing speed and skill level never factor into the discussion. Our goal in all fits is to learn about the player’s individual game and determine which model will provide the best overall performance for how they play the game, regardless of their swing speed, handicap, or gender.

“We frequently talk to players that have a lower than desired ball flight and have sub-optimal stopping power on shots into the green. For these golfers, Pro V1x is a great fit, providing them with a higher launching, higher flying golf ball that delivers even more spin and control on their approach shots and short game shots."


Titleist AVX golf ball dozen, 3-ball sleeve and single golf ball image


  • Remarkable Distance and Penetrating Flight
  • Very Low Long Game and Iron Spin
  • Low Trajectory
  • Exceptionally Soft Feel
  • Premium Scoring Control

"AVX was designed to achieve a performance profile at the other end of the scale from Pro V1x," Mike Rich explained. "Compared to Pro V1, the new 2020 AVX has a lower, more penetrating flight than the new 2019 Pro V1, with a slightly shallower angle of descent. AVX will also spin less than Pro V1, most noticeably on iron and wedge shots. Lastly, AVX feels softer than Pro V1."

So who would fit well into the AVX golf ball?

"AVX can be a great fit for players whose launch is too high or who generate too much spin in their iron and wedge game," Mike Rich said. "With a flatter trajectory and by taking some spin out of iron and wedge shots, AVX can help to optimize the launch conditions for high-launch, high-spin players. For that high launch, high spin player, AVX will fly through a better window, provide more optimal stopping power in terms of iron spin and angle of descent, and may have the added benefit of giving that player more iron distance.”



Image of Pro V1, Pro V1x and AVX single golf balls with sidestamps


When deciding between these three models, distance is a non-factor, as Pro V1, Pro V1x and AVX are all designed and manufactured to be exceptionally long off the tee.

In past generations of Pro V1 and Pro V1x, many golfers opted to play Pro V1x because they believed Pro V1x would deliver more distance. That is no longer the case. Depending on your unique launch conditions, any of the three models could be the longest performer for you.

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When properly fit to a golfer’s game, Pro V1, Pro V1x, or AVX provide the best possible performance to help that golfer shoot lower scores. That is why we recommend these models most often for golfers whose top priority, above all else, is performance.

However, we understand that many golfers also have individual preferences that are also important in their golf ball selection process. Player preferences can include feel, color, price, and appearance (play numbers or markings). If preferences play an important role in your selection, we offer Tour Soft, Velocity, and DT TruSoft golf balls which all deliver best-in-class performance and quality.

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The ball pocket of a Titleist golf bag, filled with Pro V1 golf balls


"Every golfer has their own unique set of launch conditions. With the distinct flight, spin, and feel characteristics in Pro V1, Pro V1x, and AVX, we are able to precision fit you into the golf ball that will deliver the optimal performance for your unique game. And, we know that a golf ball properly fit to your game will help you gain consistency and confidence, improve shot execution, and ultimately will lead to lower scores.”

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Thank you, Mike!

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