Q&A: T-Series Irons Ft. Club Expert Corey Gerrard

In case you missed it, our resident product expert, Corey Gerrard, spent some time fielding T-series irons questions from Team Titleist members on our discussion boards this week. In addition to working on Titleist clubs the past 6 years, Corey is a current PGA Golf Professional and former PGA Tour of Australasia competitor. So if you're into getting advice from someone who's been immersed in Titleist equipment, spent time teaching, and can swing it to the tune of a +2 index, Corey is your guy!

The questions and answers were so informative we thought a "best of" blog would be a helpful tool for golfers considering a new set of our latest and greatest. For that reason, we've consolidated the most beneficial responses below, but strongly encourage viewing the full Q&A thread here: T-Series Irons Q&A Discussion

You'll quickly notice a theme of being nudged in the direction of a fitting; which can be an intimidating thought for some golfers. We strongly believe fittings are necessary for all golfers, regardless of ability. We offer a number of fitting and experiential opportunities that are free and open to the public. Our experts are friendly and eager to help! Don't hesitate to experience T-series irons first-hand by scheduling a session at a local fitting event or using a trial set out on the courseor both

Without further ado, here's the best-of from this week's T-Series Iron Q&A

A COMBO SET OF T200 and T300S?

TT Member SammieJI am thinking of creating a combo set of 4, 5, and 6 irons with the T300s and then 7, 8 and 9 in the T200s. (I already have the Vokey SM7 wedges from PW to LW). My question is are the lofts complementary between the two series or are they to disparate to make it work. For reference, when I did the wedge fitting I was fitted in the AMT black shafts. From an aesthetic standpoint, I prefer a smaller clubhead, but just looking at the 200 and 300s there doesn’t appear to be much difference in length, perhaps about 2mm. Would love to hear your thoughts.

Corey Gerrard (CG): Great Sammie! We’ve seen a bunch of combo sets with the T-Series, across all levels of golfer. The lofts are very comparable. In fact, T300 is just 1° stronger than T200, though only through #4 - #8 iron. Once we reach the #9 iron and wedges, the lofts match up. This loft progression allows for a smooth transition between models for those looking to split the set and also provides the best opportunity for precise distance gapping at the shorter end of the bag.

The appearance similarities are no accident either, our progressive set design also means that our blade lengths become similar as we get down to the shorter irons, again ensuring that the player has a smooth transition to the eye as they step down from one model to the next.



TT Member MGentry: I'm an 18 handicap, 72-year-old who still drives the ball 200 yards and hits a 7-iron 135 yards with regular flex shafts. However, I don't think I'll ever play forged blades. I'm not into shaping my shots. I'm looking more for forgiveness for an occasional mishit and the ability to launch the ball high and straight down the fairway. I've played with [competitor] clubs and honestly feel they all play very similar, which leads me to the conclusion it's 90% the player, 10% the equipment. This being said, what set of Titleist irons would you think would best suit my needs?

CG: We’d always recommend players of all levels take the time to be fit with their local Titleist fitting expert. Early on, your fitter will help you establish what’s most important to you. For example, if looks and feel are paramount, then a starting point might be something more of a tour played iron like T100.

If you place a higher value on maximum forgiveness, launch and carry distance, then T300 is the ultimate for consistent performance. For the player that wants distance help, without sacrificing looks, feel, trajectory or stopping power, then there’s T200.

Ultimately though, the best way to find out what works best for you, and gives you the looks and feel you’re after, is to be fit with your local fitter.

Which T-Series iron would an AP2 player consider? 

TT Member Bryan W: Last two sets were AP2s, last set is 4 seasons old. Thinking about new set. In the T-series, which would more closely match up to AP2? Currently have 115g Aerotech shafts and like them but wondering if you recommend a different shaft. Age 70, hdcp 6, Driver swing speed 98-100 depending on the day. 

CG: There’s been some significant changes in our iron technologies over that time.

This tour played model has a more compact profile now with thinner lines and less offset to your AP2’s. Even better is the stuff you can’t see – a large amount of tungsten under the hood in the heel and toe, providing stability and forgiveness, as well as a tour inspired sole design for faster, smoother turf interaction.

If you’re after more distance, then T200 offers this in a similar sized profile to your current irons. So both of these irons are a great starting place for a comparison. I couldn't recommend a shaft sight unseen, though a local fitting expert will love to help. You may very well find that shaft to still be the best fit for you, though for piece of mind, let's get fit again.

Are T100s above my ability? What are the benefits of T200 and T300? 

TT Member Briskin: I currently play AP3 with ricochet shafts. Playing to 7.9 My ball-striking is still inconsistent and dispersion is troublesome (which I attribute to my balance, not contact). I don’t think T100 would be appropriate. What would the benefits of the T200/300 be?

CG: Don’t rule out T100 on paper, that’s the great thing about fitting!

As we move up in number through the T-Series family from T100, T200 to T300, we see larger profiles, more technology and the ability to launch the ball higher, with faster ball speed and tighter dispersion. We believe that the quality of an iron shot must be judged in three dimensions: Distance, Dispersion and Angle of Descent.

Both T200 and T300 feature Max Impact technology, which allows for better, more consistent distance. All of us could benefit from a more repeatable distance shot to shot, and either T200 or T300 would be a great starting point. In comparison to your current AP3’s, you’ll expect to see faster ball speeds across the face, matched with higher launch = more carry distance. You’ll also notice less offset at address, as well as a significant difference in feel thanks to the combination of Max Impact Technology and a forged face in the long and mid irons.

Which T-Series iron would an AP3 player consider? 

TT Member KMcintosh: I am currently using AP3 irons with a regular shaft and hit them very well, but I like the look and feedback about the new T-series range. Which irons would you recommend I change to this December? Oh, I nearly forgot, my handicap is 12.

CG: We’ve seen significant advancements in the T-Series over AP Irons Ken, though a natural starting place for you to compare AP3 would be T200.

In comparison to your current AP3’s, you’ll expect to see faster ball speeds across the face, higher launch and increased carry distance, all with an improved sound and feel.

You'll hear us say this often, though we highly recommend you spend time with an expertly trained fitter to find which iron best suits your game.

Which T-Series iron would an AP2 player consider? 

TT Member Lee N: I play the TMB’s currently as an 11 handicapper but feel they aren’t as forgiving as the AP2. I like the look of the T100 but I am concerned they might be too hard to get to grips with. I do intend to get fit but should I rule them out as a nonstarter or give them a go?

CG: Thanks Lee. My advice, give them a go!

While the profile of the T100 is smaller and more compact, they pack a bunch of technology under the hood, making them very forgiving. High-density tungsten (plenty of it) in the heel and toe provides stability and controls CG through the long and mid irons. An improved sole design allows for faster, cleaner turf interaction as well, providing even more consistency for precise distance control.

T100 vs. AP3?

TT Member Stephane D: How different is the ball flight/shape between the new T100 irons & my AP3s?

CG: As a tour inspired iron, you could expect T100 to offer more workability and precise distance control.

T200 is a Player's Distance iron, as are your AP3's. They’re designed for the player who wants distance help, without sacrificing looks, feel, trajectory or stopping power. Thanks to new Max Impact Technology, T200 is faster and more forgiving across the entire face than AP3, giving players increased launch, carry distance and stopping power. They feel great, and allow you to attack every green!

I’d encourage you to try both, and with the guidance of an expert fitter find the right model to best suit your game.