Team Titleist WedgeCraft Short Game Experience: Aim the Loft, not the Leading Edge

During the exclusive short game experience that they presented for Team Titleist members, WedgeCraft co-founders Layne Savoie and Dr. Rob Neal clarified some aspects of the short game that are confusing for many players. For example, did you know that if you open the leading edge of your wedge 45°, the ball won’t necessarily fly 45° to the right (for a right-handed golfer)?

The golf ball actually flies perpendicular to the loft plane (where the face of the wedge is pointed) and this can be manipulated by swing path as well as how the player raises or lowers the handle of the club. In this excerpt from their clinic at Titleist’s Manchester Lane Test Facility, Doc demonstrated this phenomenon with the help of a magnetic lie angle tool that he attached to the face of a Vokey SM7 lob wedge.

Understanding the relationship between club face, club path and lie angle is critical in order to aim properly, particularly on finesse shots that require more loft. As Doc and Layne explain and demonstrate, the best wedge players in the world have two preferred methods that you can experiment with and introduce to your own game to hit high lofted shots that stop on a dime.

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