Technology behind the player benefits of DT TruSoft

Last year we debuted DT TruSoft to provide golfers with truly soft feel on every shot. Let's explore how technology gives this golf ball soft compression feel while delivering impressive distance and good short game playability.

One element of the advanced technology in DT TruSoft is its fast, low compression core. This core is the softest core that we manufacture, providing very low spin on long game shots for impressive distance. 

Our golf ball R&D team created a soft pure ionomer cover to deliver exceptional soft feel as well as the reliable short game playability that golfers expect from all Titleist golf balls. 

Along with playability, DT TruSoft players will find a consistent ball flight in all conditions, thanks to a dimple pattern that also maximizes distance for golfers on every shot. 

As a result of these technological features, DT TruSoft results in the best combination of very soft compression feel and consistent performance.

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