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Vokey wedges advice


Hey TT! I currently have wedges from another manufacturer and am wanting to round out my set with Vokey wedges. My questions is, how do the two brands differ as far as bounce? For instance, are all 60.08 wedges created equal? I am confident in my current wedges and like how they merry with the turf and want that same action with the Vokey. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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  1. Mike H

    I don't think they will be all the same. Every body does there own grinds and even vokeys have multiple grinds they will affect the way the wedges play in my opinion as much as the bounce. A 60.08 of another wedge may not have any grind where the vokey 60.08 has the m grind which grinds out the heel, toe and trailing edge.
  2. Chris92009

    For the most part they are, however occasionally you will get a strange "grind" that may not allow the bounce to feel the same at impact...the more you experiment with wedges going forward the more you will understand my comment.

    However, from a fundamental standpoint that would be a good starting point!
  3. Robert L

    Go for a wedge fitting... #TitleistThursday
  4. Matty E

    Vokey offers up to 5 different grinds on their wedges with a multitude of different bounce options for each grind. Your best option would be to go to a certified fitter. Take the wedges you use now and and compare the feels and interactions with the turf to the wedge grind and bounce options titleist offers. That combined with the fitter will give you the best chance at matching your current wedge setup.
    Best of luck!
  5. B.A.

    They are not all the same. The grinds on one make them react differently to to turf compared to another grind.

    Id recommend looking at the descriptions here:

    You could go into a golf store and bring your current wedge and compare to the Vokey wedges, and you could then find a fitting day.

    Just keep in mind that even though you like what you have, you may find a better grind for you. That's where a fitter and hitting comes in.

    Best of luck!
  6. Edward K

    All wedges are NOT created equal! I'm a Vokey guy through and through. Others are similar, but not the same.....
  7. Chris B

    If you are confident with your current wedges then keep them in the bag! Those are your money makers for the round!

    Since you like your current wedge setup, you have plenty of time to line up a fitting and get new wedges dialed in exactly for your game.

    I always ask my pro about the course conditions that I play and the bounce my wedges need - he knows where I play and what type of turf we have in this area....that helps a good bit.

    Whatever your options - be sure to look at a vokey 46-48 to replace your PW - I highly recommend it.

    I would recommend getting a TT fitting. A wedge may have the same amount of bounce but the grind will affect the turf interaction as well. Best to get fit for loft, lie, bounce, and grind.

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