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The future of the Titleist cavity backs

Patrik B

I currently play the Titleist 690 CB from 3 to 7 iron and Titleist 710 MB from 8 to P. In addition, I play a 710 CB 2 iron.

The 690 CBs were bought brand new 2003 and is still in good shape, haven't played that much last 5-7 years...but I will eventually have to buy new ones.

My worry is that I don't really like the way the CBs have looked like the last few series, way too small head and with a too thin topline with a quite wide sole. The old 690s had a bigger, longer head with slightly thicker top line and not such a wide sole. This works very good for me, I am not scratch golfer so with the longer irons I want some help... short irons I will always play blade.

Anyone else feel the same? The new CBs aren't bad, but I really do miss the old looks, which looks like this:


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  1. Nate S

    I completely agree the 690 mbs are beautiful and titleist should revive that look

  2. Patrik B

    you meant the CB, right? :-) (MBs were nice also, of course)

  3. Nate S

    No I do mean the mb's I'm a real muscle back fanatic

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    you meant the CB, right? :-) (MBs were nice also, of course)

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  4. tdogg21

    it seems the AP2s are filling the role you are looking for.  not the same as the MBs, but i would be surprised to see Titleist move in that direction.  i'm sure they want to have some separation in their different lines of clubs.

  5. Michael M

    I play the newer CB, last years model. I had played the 2003 set for 9 years. The feel is better in the 712 but the shaft makes all the difference. I am using the 5.5 project X flighted, what a difference, much better than s300 or precision shaft which I had.

    I was fit at Manchester lane.

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