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SM6 Grinds Best for Chpping


I am going to update my wedge to the 56deg SM6. What grind works best for chipping, especially off tight lies? I will use it for normal wedge shots as well, but am more concerned about the grind/bounce for chipping.

Thanks in advance for the help.

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  1. Jeff K

    The Vokey site has a good overview of the different types of wedges, but you should consider getting fitted. The grind that is best for you can depenbd on the course you play, lush vs dry, and your swing, sweeper vs steep.

    56 deg wedges are available in M grind with 8 deg bounce, S grind with 10 deg bounce, F grind with 14 deg bounce. You can also get a V grind with 10 deg bounce.
  2. Mike H

    The F K and L grinds are all advertised for firm lies. Although I have seen a lot of people playin the S grind in all conditions also. The grind is a very personal aspect based on your swing and type of shots you like to play. Titleist Thursday would be a great opportunity to learn about your wedge game and the best wedge for it.
  3. Tom B

    I have an S grind 54 degree to pitch and full shots, but I like to square the face!!

    To chip, I have a L grind 58 with 4 degree bounce, works great on tight lies and links courses we have in Nebraska such as the Prairie Club, Sandhills, Wild Horse, etc. I also have a M grind 58 because the course I am a member can both be soft/wet or hard/dry which the M works for both!!

    I do use the L grind quite a bit, started golfing 22 years ago, I'm a 5 handicap, but started out with a Cleveland 588 tour action 60 degree wedge 3 degree bounce, LOVED that thing, but I am a sweeper of the ball!!

    Just my experience, go try them out and compare, the M grind is better out of the green side rough and bunkers, but the L grind is great off tight lies and opening up the face!! Good luck!!
  4. harry h

    When I was fit for wedges f grind worked best for me from all lies and sand tight lies are no problem either
  5. Tom B

    Depends on your preference and what you use the most. I've got a 58/11 and 52/12 (SM6's, just upgraded from SM5's), which is pretty much a lot of bounce. But that's the way I like it. The bounce I prefer for the soft sand we have in the bunkers, and the lush rough we have. However I use the bounce also from a tight light to avoid digging into the turf and getting it clean to stop quickly. Try to find a Titleist day somewhere at a green grass location, and practice what you use it the most for and then you'll be set.
  6. Jason C

    I could be wrong, but I believe the different grinds all come down to your swing type and preference. I own the 54 S Grind and love it, my son has the 58 M Grind and after playing his that will be my next purchase. My suggestion would be go to your local dealer and get fitted, and see what club works best for you. I personally have used my 54 for all chipping and have had absolutely no problem controlling the distance and roll out around the greens.
  7. Jack H

    Great question. You have many grinds available to use. For chipping, I would recommend either the S grind or M grind. S grind has more bounce and offers less manipulation. It is a good option for chipping and full shots. However, it isn't the best off tight lies. The M grind allows for more manipulation and would be great off tight lies. You can't go wrong either way, but I would say the M grind would be best. Hope you find a wedge that fits perfectly!

  8. DQFJK

    I'd go with the M grind. With 8 degrees of bounce, the M grind has the lowest bounce available for the 56. That low(er) bounce would help with chipping on tight lies.
  9. Brian D

    I personally prefer the M Grid and have that on both my 56 and 60. I have seen many other variations, but I would try and get fit if at all possible. That would be the best option. I am sure that there are many different opinions and point of views, but getting properly fit would be your best bet and my suggestion.

    Here is a quick link to the Vokey grinds...Hope this helps

    Good Luck
  10. Rob_Roth1

    Check this:

    For tight lies it says to go with L or M grind. I like M grind but I play in the northeast and it's not firm but more medium type of ground.

    Where do you live? Texas?
  11. David A

    I prefer the M-grind with 8* of bounce for chipping off of tight lies. I also like the jet black finish because it reduces the glare of the sun when I open the face. The black finish also feels softer around the green to me. I would recommend going for a wedge fitting to try some different combos to see what works for you and the types of shots you like to hit around the greens. It's also important to do this on actual grass and a real green as that will provide better feedback for you. Good luck1
  12. JCaldwell

    It's all personal taste really. The 2 or 3 courses I play are normally hard/tight year round. I picked up a 52.08 F Grind about this time last year. I use it from about 125 yards to chipping around greens with ease. 2 or 3" rough (fescue or bermuda) around greens are not an issue either as long as I don't decelerate thru the shot.
  13. Chris92009

    I would recommend you consider focusing on the amount of bounce vs. the grind. The less the bounce the easier it will be to chip off tight lies. thus, go with the smallest amount of bounce.
  14. Rob_Roth1

    Where do you live? As that will tell what type of grind you need based on turf interaction.

    There is a good selection here:

    Grinds here:

    Based on your comments looks like L or M grind would work best in firm conditions.
  15. Chuck Z


    I would recommend you consider focusing on the amount of bounce vs. the grind. The less the bounce the easier it will be to chip off tight lies. thus, go with the smallest amount of bounce.

    Chris has made a valid point.

    A good 56* wedge for most player's would be a 56.10 S grind.
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