TS Speed Stories: Attack Angle and a Better Golf Model for Gaining Distance

As golf club technology and fitting tools have evolved, a new recipe for optimizing distance has emerged - high launch with low spin. In fact, new TS drivers and TS fairway metals were designed to capture this magical combination of launch conditions.

But did you know that, on average, players on the PGA Tour strike their drives with a negative angle of attack? As Dave Phillips and J.J. Van Wezenbeeck explain, there are better groups of golfers to emulate in the search for speed. And there are also many “outside the box” techniques and equipment modifications to try that you won’t often see on the PGA Tour.

Note: When J.J. and Dave mention “1-down” or “3 to 4-up”, they’re referring to attack angle. “Zero” means a perfectly flat, 0° angle of attack into the ball. “Down-1” would mean a slightly descending (-1°) angle of attack into the ball. And “Up-3” would mean the club is swinging up slightly as it strikes the ball, on a +3° angle of attack.

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