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Kananaskis 2.0

Well, just a week short of 5 years since the Kananaskis Country Golf course was destroyed by the 2013 flood, I had the pleasure of playing the new 2.0...


TT Bag Tag

Thankyou for the bagtag...appreciated... Jim Mallard Angus, Ont...


TS Drivers Tour Launch

In case you haven't checked your inbox or social media recently, the newest Drivers from Titleist begin their rigorous...


Interesting Find

It is absolutely amazing what one can find when you have to venture into uncharted areas of the golf course. My problem with...


They're Back :(

I am not sure why, but the hosel rockets are back, and this time with a vengeance. So far I have tried a number of things to...



Has anybody else played with the "Give me a double" guy or girl? At what point do you say something in a money...


Long weekend golf

For the long weekend Steve and I, along with our best golf friends, went for a stay and play at Seguin Valley. If you’ve...

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