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By Jerramy M

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    @Titleist if I adjust the hosel on my 917 driver or 918 hybrid to a more upright position, does that also close the face or is it simply a lie angle adjustment? Thanks!

  2. Rob_Roth1
    Titusville, NJ

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    yes more upright would close the face a little.

    Check this chart the more upright you will go the more face will close.
    Post Image
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    Not sure that’s quite right

    It will only mechanically / statically close the face if you ground the club at adress & then take your grip based on where it settles.

    If you (correctly) take your grip without grounding the club first then there will be no effect on static clubface alignment.

    The more upright club may then still dynamically influence your flight towards a draw (assuming correct movement through the ball)

    Can the Titleist staff boffins confirm? I believe there is a more detailed version of the basic Surefit adjustment grid above that explains all this (viewed it during my own fitting last year)

    Hope it helps

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