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By Brendan H

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  1. Hey folks. So I went for a wedge fitting at a Titleist Thursday location recently as I have been having some doubts about my current Glide 2.0 setup. I play a 50, 54 and 58 right now and will probably stick with that. I spent some time around a short game area with the SM7 54.08M and a 58.08M. I absolutely loved them out of the sand and for chipping. The snag was I was digging a little too much on pitches and full shots.

    My first thought was to go with a D grind instead of the M to gain a little more bounce. Unfortunately they only had a 60 available to test. It did help with the full shots but I was not as comfortable with it around the greens. The sand was fine but somehow again did not feel as magic as the 08M options. The sand around here (Pacific Northwest) tends to be wet and heavy a lot of the time. I rarely encounter anything soft and fluffy, although it's not entirely out of the question.

    So my current thoughts are may go with a 50.12F and the 58.08M that I loved so much, and perhaps try a 54.12F in between? I noted the comment on the SM7 website that the 54 and 56 F are the most used SW on tour, so I'm guessing it is pretty effective from there?

    For reference, my 54 will be used for full and partial approaches, longer bunker shots (or softer sand) and some straight face chipping. All my trickier shots around the green will be handled by the 58, along with shorter bunker escapes.

    Any tips to help me move in the right direction?

  2. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    I added a 54F but only because the Vokey guys had me blind test various grinds at Pinehurst. Formerly had a 54M. I still have a 60S for when the semi-clay bunkers around me are too damp. I didn't try to out-think them as my previous self-educated decisions are best described as guesses.

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