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By Jason K

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  1. Got fit and have T300 on the way through 6i (26*). Then a 505U 3i (20*) but is bent weak (21*).

    Basically the 5i and the 505U 4i were both very close to the 6i...

    So, if I can improve the swing and make better contact...will I be able to bend the 505U 3i I have back past normal to 19*? Then slide in something? Or is that too much bending of they 505U?

  2. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    The 505 can be bent, but be careful not do this often.

    The 2 degrees may not be the solution. With the T400, the 6 iron (23 degree), a 23 hybrid, a 21 fairway, and a 21 TSi-2 hybrid were all basically the same length as the 26 degree 7 iron. A TSi-2 18 hybrid was the solution. Had to play at a fitting to find the solution.

    Your results may vary, but I wouldn’t bend the 505 empirically. It may require a combination of watching the flight and getting data back from a Trackman or Flightscope for optimal results.
  3. Thanks. The above is what the fitter ordered (U505 20* bent 1* weaker to 21*)...we will see.

    5* seems like a large gap...the numbers were pretty good (the gap) but I can imagine eventually needing something between them and I would assume that might require bending the U505 back to 20* or even 19*.

    And honestly...I am a 18 right now and never lower than a 13.....probably talking about a need for a shot that comes up 1 time every 4th round? And could hook it, thin it, fat it..etc? If I end up on the back edge from 220 because I don't have a club between them....really not a problem; right?

    I ordered a 60* wedge (never had one) and I think that is likely not needed (and perhaps unwise).

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