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By John M

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  1. John M
    Clayton, CA

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    The photo is my collection of US Open and other golf memorabilia. From top to bottom, left to right.

    My 1998 US Open Volunteer badge My Dad's 1993 Tour Championship badge (can't find mine) at the Olympic Club Geneagles Scotland repair tools Tour Championship medallion 1972 US Open Pebble Beach repair tool 1982 US Open Pebble Beach repair tool 1998 US Open Olympic Club repair tool 2002 Open Championship Muirfield repair tool 2010 US Open Pebble Beach repair tool 2011 US Open Congressional repair tool 2012 US Open Olympic Club repair tool 2013 US Open Merion repair tool 2014 US Open Pinehurst No. 2 repair tool

    Each of these inanimate objects triggers some very great memories. I'd be interested in what golf memorabilia is special for other Team Titleist members.

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    Thank you for sharing this with us.
  3. vurich
    First Tee Box

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    Great collection, John!
    Love seeing these!
    Anyone else have other collections to share?
    Please do!
  4. Luke R
    Hamden, CT

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    Very cool, thank you for sharing!
  5. Dale V
    Escondido, CA

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    I have started a ball marker collection, have hats and bag tags too. One of these days I will get all my old Colonial badges framed in a shadow box. I have about 15 years worth.
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  6. John M
    Clayton, CA

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    Very cool Dale!
  7. Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

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    Ball markers, pencils, golf balls, volunteer badges (have worked as a volunteer since 1991 for PGA, LPGA in area and charity events), a few golf prints, Quiet Please and Hush Y'll Signs, a lot of stuff as my wife would say.......three hole in one bag to look back every now and then......
  8. Randall R
    Smithfield, NC

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    I have the markers, etc, plus Masters practice round badges, 2014 volunteer @ US open at Pinehurst, plus a collection of autographed photos from Sarenzen, Snead, Nicklaus, Palmer, Player, Lehman, Zach Johnson, Stadler, Betsey King, Byron Nelson, Ben Chrenshaw; most prized is a personal letter from Ben Hogan. Been very lucky to get these things.
  9. John M
    Clayton, CA

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    Very nice!
  10. augusto r
    ewa beach, HI

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    priceless collections,thanks for sharing

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